ICBC has launched its annual distracted driving campaign, encouraging everyone to leave the phone alone when getting behind the wheel.

In Northern BC, an average of 14 people are killed every year from these types of crashes.

Ahead of impaired driving, Program Manager Mark Milner says this habit is the second-leading cause of fatal incidents on BC roads.

“We still see about 38% of drivers engaging in this behavior, in spite of the fact that the vast majority, nearly 100% of drivers, recognize that it is a very risky behaviour.”

He says the public insurance provider is also working with the government to launch intervention courses to teach new drivers as well as repeat offenders.

“We’re going to be looking at what the most promising technologies are, and how we can best implement those and we’ll be launching a pilot project involving the most promising technology as soon as we can.”

The province as a whole sees 66 people killed every year from distracted driving.

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