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BC signs electric vehicle partnership in Paris

The Province of BC became the 14th jurisdiction to sign onto the International Zero – Emission (ZEV) Vehicle Alliance today in Paris.

As a member of the alliance, BC will “strive to make all new passenger vehicles ZEV’s by 2050”. They join Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, California, Quebec and several others.

Energy Minister Bill Bennett called the agreement “aspirational”, and pointed to large incentives already offered for the purchase of new electric and fuel cell vehicles.

However, he says BC’s electric charging infrastructure is “in it’s infancy” and needs lots of work needs to makie electric vehicles a practical choice for British Columbians.

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“We also need to get the other provinces on side, and the federal government, it’s something we need to be all rowing in the same direction for.”

When questioned about the potential for government vehicles going electric in the near future, Bennett again pointed to the need for charging infrastructure.

“I think government is in the same place as the average consumer… we need a reliable, convenient network of charging infrastructure in the province before it makes sense for people outside of the lower mainland to purchase an electric car.”

To date, government investment has supported 301 residential charging stations, 142 multi-unit building charging stations, over 550 public level 2 charging stations, and 30 DC Fast Charging stations. Another 20 DC fast charging stations and 200 level 2 charging stations will be installed by March 31, 2018.

“There is very little cost to the taxpayer in doing something like this, and it’s a good go, it’s something we all want to do.” Bennett said “I think we all believe in conservation and we all believe in want to keep our environment clean.”

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