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Brooks craving senate re-form

The BC Conservative Party leader Dan Brooks is proposing a better alternative to reforming Canada’s senate.

“What we need to do in the next provincial election is to elect 13 senators here in British Columbia, of it course it would have to be approved by the Prime Minister their would be some pressure on him to re-form it but we only have 6 seats.”

Brooks adds the low representation in Ottawa is a disservice to the province.

“We’re the worst represented province in the senate and BC more than anybody has to stand up and say this is an unjust system.”

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He says Premier Christy Clark has also been vocal on the change but has to failed to follow through.

“She said fix it or fold it and it’s a good criticism but it misses the point. If she really wants to fix it she has to show some leadership on it with her taking the lead.”

BC currently has one seat for 780 thousand people in the province while Nova Scotia has one seat for every 94 thousand people.

The province has 13 percent of the total population in Canada but only 5.7% of the total senate seats.

PEI has the highest percentage of people in Ottawa with one seat for every 36 thousand residents.

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