Several local establishments are holding the first big wave of summer events Saturday, Sunday, and Victoria Day Monday.

The Exploration Place in Prince George, for example, will officially open its Little Prince Steam Engine, a 45-passenger locomotive, as well as its Scoop Shop with locally-made ice cream.

CEO Tracy Calogheros calls the train ride, a much-loved experience.

“The train is just one of the highlights of just about everyone’s summer. It has been planted the rails here since the mid-1970s, and I don’t foresee it going anywhere anytime soon.”

The two-kilometre track will be open from 12PM to 8PM each day of the long weekend.

The museum is also hosting a National challenge of Science Odyssey, which concludes on Sunday afternoon.

Calogheros says the competition is for all ages and skill levels.

“It’s an engineering challenge! So you come in, you build, you break, you test, and you practice your creation until 3PM, and then there’s a daily challenge competition.”

She adds it’s all a part of Canada’s 10-day recognition of discovery and innovation.

Regardless of spending the weekend at Exploration Place or not, Calogheros encourages all families to take advantage of the time-off.

“There’s plenty to do down here in this gorgeous park. You’ll be able to check out the usual critters and stuff when you got some time between playing outside, riding the train, and looking for something to do that’ll maybe get you out of the sun for a bit.”

Here’s more events slated for the May long weekend: