The BC Nurses Union’s annual Convention in Vancouver continued on Tuesday.

Vice-President Christine Sorenson says violence in the workplace has been discussed at length.

“We’re very concerned by the amount of violence that nurses are faced with and that’s supported also by understanding that the Mustel Group found that nine out of ten members of the public hold the position that violence is not part of a nurse’s job.”

Sorenson adds they’ll be keeping a close eye on the new government.

“We will be holding the newly-elected government to account on the chronic nursing shortage in BC, the violence that is going on in healthcare and in fact the opioid crisis which is also another major issue.”

The nurse’s shortage received no shortage of discussion.

“We have a critical shortage of nurses in the province and the difficulties that come with nurses being able to provide safe patient care and health facilities that are full of patients and at times overflowing,” says Sorenson.

During the election campaign, over 150 candidates from all three parties signed a BCNU pledge promoting violence-free workplaces for nurses.

The convention wraps up on Thursday.