Just under 9,900 unit sales were recorded in BC during April according to the BC Real Estate Association.

The situation is a little bit different across the north according to Chief Economist Cameron Muir.

“When we look at overall sales activity compared to a year ago we’re seeing sales across the north down about 11% compared to the same month a year ago but overall, we’re seeing a steady as she goes market for the north.”

However, the region is showing more stability than its counterparts in the Lower Mainland says, Muir.

“The steady market, particularly for homebuyers, is something of a relief compared to what they’ve been experiencing in the southern half of the province.”

The average home price in Northern BC during April was $284,000.

That is up from the $271,000 mark recorded during the same time last year.

Prince George continues to be in good shape in the housing market.

Muir believes BC’s economy has a lot to do with that.

“The economy in BC is actually doing quite well. We posted over 3 years now consecutive of 3% plus growth, so far this year we’re tracking closer to 4% growth in the province and that certainly bodes well for the north.”

The average home price in Northern BC so far in 2017 is $273,000

Only 348 homes have been sold in the region which is down from the 392 in April of 2016.

Prince George’s average home price is a little higher at over $300,000.