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Small business community entering uncharted waters : CFIB

Much like the rest of the province, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business is waiting to see how the 2017 BC Election will shake down.

Alberta and BC Vice-President Richard Truscott says the current results put small businesses in a tough spot.

“What it means for the economy and for small business is uncertainty, and that’s not such a good thing because business depends on heading certainty at the political level

Truscott says you can look at this one of two ways.

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“The optimistic view would hope that these three political parties can work together than what we’ve seen in the past. A more cynical view would say that to this maybe a period that were entering into that is dominated by politics and not policy.”

Regardless of who’s elected, there should only be one thing in the spotlight according to Truscott.

“I think the first priority should be the economy, should be jobs, should be small businesses as the engine of the economy and creating jobs that is very much what we believe should be front and centre and that is the thing the parties can agree on.”

He adds the CFIB is in good shape to deal with whoever is elected.

All three parties currently have policies to support small business.

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