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Stakeholders agree upgrading logging roads would drive tourism: RDFFG

Photo courtesy of RDFFG website

Abandoned or destroyed logging roads in Northern BC could soon be open for rural commuters on a daily basis.

The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George made their case Thursday night about how investing in these backcountry roads can help benefit provincial tourism and economy.

RDFFG Area “H” Director Dannielle Alan says stakeholders decided to endorse her presentation.

“It is an issue that is common to many in North Central BC. We did however have one group was concerned about the cost because there is the consideration of roads that are not as well maintained as they would like that are actually provincial driving roads.”

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Alan delivered her arguments to the North Central Local Government Association Convention in Terrace, to which she confidently says was fully expected.

Moving forward, Alan will now make her case in front of the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM), stressing that this is not an unfamiliar topic.

“This has been debated and talked about, has gone to the government, and the government has prepared a report that basically has said much of the same things that we’re saying. It is important and that there does need to be a structure, and our communities are truly suffering because of it.”

Alan believes, whichever government takes over the provincial legislature on Tuesday, May 9th, an effort to make these roads appealing and accessible would allow people to live and love where they work.

“We keeping talking how we attract professionals, how to attract doctors, nurses, and teachers. Well, one of our best assets is the backcountry; being able to access it at all levels of ability is incredibly important to our residents and to visitors as well.”

The UBCM acknowledged this presentation nearly 10 years ago; if they endorse Alan, she will then go to the BC Government.

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