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Electoral reform would be a game changer in BC: Agency

According to Fair Vote Canada, only two of the three major party leaders in the BC Election have called for an electoral reform if elected in May.

Victoria Chapter Co-Chair Terry Dance-Binnink says both the NDP and the Greens have made platform promises to have a new voting system by 2021.

“The NDP will go about that through holding a referendum. The Greens do not think that a referendum is needed up front, but would consider a referendum after voters have had an experience with a new voting system.”

As a result, the national agency is asking local residents to consider asking the tough questions during the only televised debate on April 26th.

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Dance-Binnink also feels the government has easily made controversial decisions about things like LNG and Site C because other parties don’t have a voice, and a new system would change that mindset.

“So the 49% of voters who don’t have an MLA right now in the legislature representing their values would have such an MLA under proportional voting.”

She adds she feels not all British Columbians have their own voices under the current voting system.

“BC Liberals have 44% of the popular vote, but have 100% of the power. So both John Horgan and Andrew Weaver have seen first-hand the futility of trying to influence decisions under the first-past-the-post system.”

The BC Liberals have yet to comment on the subject matter.

Since 1956, all but one election has resulted in a majority government, but with support of less than half of the voters.

Fair Vote Canada is encouraging voters to send in their questions for the televised debate on Wednesday from 6:30PM to 8PM.

– with files from Spencer Gowan

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