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More than 150 of 200 surrendered Houston cats need urgent medical care – SPCA

“It has been a huge undertaking.”

That is according to Eileen Drever, the BC SPCA’s Senior Officer of Protection and Stakeholder Relations one week after more than 200 cats were surrendered to the SPCA from one Houston man.

Houston cat being assessed by BC SPCA staff (Photo via BC SPCA)

In the past week, Drever said the SPCA has removed nearly 150 cats and kittens from the property who need urgent care to be assessed and treated.

“They are all doing reasonably well,” she said. “We had to examine them and will treat any that require treatment. The fact that we are taking these cats out of there is wonderful, but we will have to hold these cats for 30 days.”

It will be even longer for the kittens to be ready for adoption.

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“It is a huge strain on our resources,” Drever said.

Houston cat in care (Photo via BC SPCA)

The SPCA can not give a total cost associated with caring for all of these cats, but Drever said each cat can cost the SPCA $700 before spaying and neutering.

“Multiply that by over 200, then add spays and neuters on top of that, it is going to cost a lot,” she explained.

With the cost comes an enormous work load.

SPCA staff members have traveled to Prince George and Houston from all across the province to help meet the massive demand.

“Every animal’s life that comes through our doors matter… when I first started with the organization 43 years ago we could not have done this. It would have just been impossible.”

She thanked the SPCA’s supporters, donators, and the foster homes that have temporarily taken in the hefty majority of the cats and kittens taken from Houston.

Anybody interested in fostering can learn more here.

Houston cat being assessed by BC SPCA staff (Photo via BC SPCA)

Drever said the SPCA also has a property that is ready to accept the remainder of the cats still in Houston next week, before that time they are providing the man in Houston with food, litter, and other supplies to continue providing care.

As always, donations of money through the SPCA’s website are being accepted, but Drever said if anyone in the Prince George community has clean towels, clean litter boxes, or any other clean pet care supplies that they are willing to part ways with, these items would go a long way in helping the process.

The SCPA has set up a special page on their website dedicated to the Houston cats. You can find that here.

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