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Discoverer of famous lost ships coming to Prince George

In 2014 and 2016, Canadian explorers and historians discovered the HMS Erebus and Terror ships in the Arctic as part of the 1845 Franklin Expedition.

Photo Courtesy of UNBC

Dr. Martin Magne, former Parks Canada Director of Archaeology and History, was a member of the discoveries and will giving a lecture about his experiences this weekend in Prince George.

He says his part was making sure all the hard work would not go unnoticed.

“I had to oversee their research, relate the methodologies and discoveries to higher levels of government, stand in for human resources needs and the finances; I was part of that larger role ensuring that their work to get done and get done professionally.”

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The ships were en route from Europe, carrying 129 individuals, in search for the Northwest passage to the East Orient for trades, but were lost at sea.

Dr. Magne says the effort of several teams, including the local Inuit First Nations, will go down as one of the most significant moments in Canada’s 150-year history.

“It tells an incredible story about to the harshness of the Arctic, what it takes to live there, to do exploration there, and how the role of the Inuit and working with others with the importance of Inuit knowledge.”

Captain Sir John Franklin

After his presentation, he hopes people will leave with a better understanding of how discoveries like these are not a one-team effort.

“It’s not that maverick approach to getting those scientific discoveries that people envision all the time. The pride that I share is something I share with the entire team and we all look forward to seeing what the team can reveal for the world about what happened to these poor 129 individuals.”

The lecture and dinner takes place tomorrow, 5:30PM to 10PM at the Prince George Civic Centre; for more information, you can click here.

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