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Women winning thermostat battle of the sexes

A recent BC Hydro survey shows the thermostat has become a gender battleground in most households.

The majority of respondents claimed to be in control of the home’s temperature, however, the poll shows that women have more power than men. Among women aged 25-54, 30% say they’ll adjust the thermostat without mutual consent, meanwhile, fewer than 1-in-5 of men will touch the dial without permission.

Generally speaking, BC Hydro spokesperson Mora Scott says both sides have conflicting reasons to touch the dial.

“For men, the reason that they are considering turning down the thermostat more is basically for cost savings, while women are more motivated by comfort so they would rather be warmer than to save money.”

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To add more fuel to the fire, the poll shows the potential for conflict is even higher up here in the north.

“I’m assuming because it’s colder,” says Scott, “survey results indicated that almost 20% of northern respondents felt that they were engaged in a ‘thermostat-war’ at home.”

Whoever’s in charge, the survey’s main focus was to share ways to save money on your bills. Scott recommends programming your thermostats to only be on while you’re at home. She adds draftproofing your home and insulating windows can also drastically cut costs.

Lastly, Scott believes in “thermostat-diplomacy” when dealing with matters of the heat.

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