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BC Transit asking commuters to thank operators for community service

March 18th is Transit Driver Appreciation Day!

A day of recognizing the operators on our daily commute and acknowledging their dedication and service to moving the community in the right direction.

BC Transit is hoping commuters can go the extra mile on this day, and every day, in showing their support and spokesperson Jonathon Dyck says a simple ‘thank you’ goes a long way.

“Their mission is to transport people safely from one place to another, and also providing great customer service. The key to Driver Appreciation Day is thanking drivers for their hard work.”

Transit drivers can sometimes be on the receiving end of a customer’s bad day or complaints of a dismal experience, but Dyck believes the good encounters outweigh the bad.

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“Anytime that you’re in a customer-facing job, you can have a majority of really good experiences, but there might be times for other ones. I think that’s also why it’s important for people to recognize their transit operators and the hard work they do to get them around the community safely.”

He says all drivers are properly trained and record-checked before getting behind the bus wheel, a job that’s become a daily necessity.

“We know that they’re out there, rain or shine or snow; any kind of weather conditions, working early mornings or late nights. They’re the first person you see when you get on board of BC Transit bus.”

More than 1,300 operators make up BC Transit across the entire province.

Transit Driver Appreciation Day, because of its increasing popularity, is recognized on an international scale.

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