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HomeNewsMost parents don't know electrical safety rules: BC Hydro

Most parents don’t know electrical safety rules: BC Hydro

A survey of 600 parents across the province conducted for BC Hydro shows most (over 2/3) are not teaching their children about electrical safety because they themselves do not know the rules.

76% of parents of kids 18 or younger did not know you should stay three meters away from undamaged overhead neighbourhood powerlines.

58% did not know the distance they need to stay from a damaged power line – 10 meters.

Some parents were unaware there is often no visual sign a downed power line is still live – 30% think it makes a crackling sound, 27% said they smoke or spark, and 8% said downed power lines glow.

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Only 57% of parents knew to keep their kids’ balloons, kites, and even drones away from live power lines – items BC Hydro said cause major power outages every year.

In a release, BC Hydro reminds residents to “keep in mind these potentially life saving rules around electricity:

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