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New Research shows getting the flu shot can prevent Dementia

A research team from McMaster University says receiving your annual flu shot early in life drastically decreases the chances of getting respiratory illnesses as you become older.

Associate Professor, Dawn Bowdish says while not everyone agrees with getting vaccinated, it’s still a good idea.

“The science is very clear that vaccination is safe for almost everybody and although it may not be perfect it’s the best option we have.”

She says you can still be a carrier even if you’re not visibly sick.

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“Even if you are not sick, you can still be a carrier of that influenza virus. At various time of my life I was probably carrying it myself and if I wasn’t vaccinated I would be passing it on to people who would not be protected.”

Bowdish adds despite the recent findings, people still get cold feet when it comes to the flu shot.

“There is so much mythology about the flu vaccination people are hesitant and unfortunately the ones who need the vaccinations the most are not getting very good quality information and are making decisions not in their best interest.”

She concludes the inflammation linked to the flu and other respiratory illnesses never go away and contribute to Dementia, Cardiovascular Disease and Type 2 Diabetes.

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