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Bear population to claw back up in Northern BC thanks to balmy weather

With the warm weather shining down in Northern BC, the region’s bear population is slowly waking up from hibernation.

Northern Bear Awareness President Dave Bakker says while the hibernating season isn’t over yet, the odd sighting this time of year is not uncommon.

“Especially when bears will spend their winter months denned up close to a residential neighbourhood and then they can just go for a brief walk and get access to an easily obtainable attractant such as a bird feeder or garbage can.”

Bakker expects the bear population to spike by next month. “We’re probably expecting a bump by mid-April depending on food sources and green up and then we usually see a lull with neighbourhood activities but if that doesn’t happen than activity increases in and around the neighbourhoods.”

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He has a simple message for residents who refuse to deal with our furry friends. “If you don’t want them, don’t invite them. That’s the best advice we can give to people and like I said the critical thing now this time of the year is you may not see the activity happening but don’t wait for it to happen.”

Bakker encourages residents to get a head start on making attractants less accessible as the natural feeding season spans from mid-April to November.

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