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Logan to hit the ground running during second term as Lheidli T’enneh Chief

Lheidli T’enneh Chief Dolleen Logan stated the host first nation will be looking for new ideas on how to revitalize the forestry sector in our region.

Logan mentioned she along with other members of the band council will be attending the three-day COFI convention at the PG Conference and Civic Centre, which runs until Friday.

During a media session today (Wednesday) in Prince George, she emphasized bringing up the next generation of workers remains top of mind.

“How do we train our kids? In the north here, it’s forestry, it’s always been forestry and we are running low on RPFs, environmentalists and archeologists, everything. We need it all.”

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Logan added the Lheidli T’enneh will also continue to push for a green economy and they already have one project in mind.

“We are looking at solar panels for our health centre to keep it on because the power is always out on that side. When it comes to forestry we need to bring back our animals too whether it’s moose, elk, or deer because that was part of our culture growing up.”

Furthermore, improving working relationships with neighboring first nations is also huge o her priority list.

Logan mentioned bringing these areas together will create more economic opportunities.

“Prince George is a gathering place. All these nations used to come together to gather and so we are trying to go back to the old traditional ways and welcome everybody back so we can work together. Honestly, that scares the government.”

Logan also wants to beef up the fish and salmon populations that have been dormant for far too long.

“We are working at starting up a fisheries department because, after the Big Bar slide, we have had none. Last year was the first year in four years where I didn’t have to phone another nation to get fish from – it’s going to take years but it shouldn’t take a lot of years to get it back up to where it was before.”

Logan was re-elected as chief for a second term on Tuesday evening after nearly 300 members cast a ballot during the election, which represents over 55% of eligible voters.

With chief and council elections occurring every two years, Logan believes it’s crucial to hit the ground running.

“Whenever I walk into a meeting with new businesses coming in, I tell them I have two years to plan for 50 – we have to do this, and let’s get it done. This is what we do for every two-year term to plan for every 50 to 100 years.”

As for being re-elected, Logan admits it’s a humbling experience.

“I knew I was working hard but to get re-elected I know I am on the right track and I am so proud to be Lheidli T’enneh.”

“I don’t know how to describe the feeling. It’s pride. I am so proud of our nation and so excited about the next two years the nation spoke yesterday about the difference in the numbers and to me, it’s a huge hug and a pat on my back saying I am doing a good job,” added Logan.

In 2021, Logan became only the 2nd woman chief to lead the host first nation.

Lastly, councilors Joshua Seymour and Crystal Gibbs were re-elected while Wendy Jael (Jail), Kyle McIntosh, John West, and Robert Gagnon get set to serve their first two-year term.

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