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Snowmobile accident leads to organs helping 13 people

After the accident of 33-year-old Trevor Pierce of Williams Lake, work has been done to spread the word on snowmobile ramp safety.

His wife, Shanelle Pierce, has not only pushed for ramp safety awareness but has also spoken about the good that’s come out of the tragic accident.

“When they told me he had unsurvivable injuries, they asked me if I wanted him to be an organ donor, I said of course, if he could help save a life,” says Pierce.

“All of his organs, all seven he could donate, were beautiful and in healthy condition. They could only find recipients for five of them.”

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Pierce added that the eye lens, which gets cut down, were donated to eight people, totaling to 13 people helped.

The accident itself was caused by the loading ramp coming off, which fell down and came back up, which Pierce says is similar to a rake affect, and hit her husband in the head.

Word about her husband and the story attached has spread as far as the UK, which Pierce says she’s ecstatic, as the cause of the accident isn’t just an issue for snowmobilers, but people who ride quads, dirt bikes, and more.

She noted that Williams Lake stepped up from businesses donating, to truckers showing their support in honour of a fallen trucker.

Pierce said that the safety feature on the ramp was pathetic looking as is, and anyone using ramps should use the feature along with tying it down as a secondary precaution.

Files by Zachary Barrowcliff, My Cariboo Now

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