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Nechako Lakes MLA says spend-happy throne speech will do little to improve health care in BC

“I did not see a lot of new initiatives,”

That’s from Nechako Lakes Independent MLA John Rustad following the Throne Speech that was tabled by lieutenant governor Janet Austin.

It pledges new spending and increased measures to help with rising costs, housing affordability, and improvements to health and mental health care.

However, Rustad told Vista Radio there was very little mention of the natural resource sector.

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“There was very little mention of forestry. There was no mention of the crisis we are currently facing and so that doesn’t lead me to be very optimistic that there will be much in terms of the budget. It did have more focus on old-growth protections and a 30%  protection of the land and water by 2030.”

When it comes to health care, Rustad stated while he applauds the NDP government for allocating funds to this sector, it will do little to change what hasn’t been working.

“Our government has refused to consider looking at models from Europe that work much better and have much better outcomes but instead, they are going to try and throw more money at the same problems.”

“And yet, when you look at the European models, they use a blended model that is publicly paid for that has much better services. It better utilizes the health care professionals that they have and dramatically improves the service the people are receiving.”

Rustad noted Canada ranks near the bottom when it comes to doctors per patient, number of hospital beds per patient and wait times when compared to other Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development member countries.

Budget Day in BC is set for February 28th.

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