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Women have been hit hard under 16 years of BC Liberals: Labour Fed

Today is International Women’s Day!

Every year the world recognizes this day to celebrate and honour the contributions the gender has made throughout the years.

The BC Federation of Labour is calling on the provincial government to improve care and protection for all women.

President Irene Lanzinger believes the Liberals haven’t done enough to provide proper childcare, which she says is a big issues.

“It should be equally shared of course, but they’re the brunt of childcare in many cases, and it is a barrier to them re-entering the workforce. We have been joining the call for $10 a day childcare so that we can have affordable childcare in the province.”

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According to Lanzinger, 80% of single parents raising kids are women.

She also claims it’s a little ironic Premier Christy Clark has not done much to help her own gender.

“It’s great to have women in senior roles, but they have to do what’s necessary to make the lives of women better too. That’s a requirement!”

The BC-Fed claims the current welfare rates have been frozen for nine years under Clark’s power, leaving more than 10,000 women in poverty

With the BC Election coming up on May 9th, Lanzinger says, regardless of who takes office, the government should take action to better the lives of women.

“That plan has to include a $15 minimum wage, an increase to welfare and disability benefits, and we need a social housing strategy. Housing is unaffordable in many parts of this province.”

She would also like to see a coordinated approach to sexual assault services for women living in vulnerable areas.

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