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UNBC Political Science Lecturer says Canadians should adopt “wait and see” approach on US Midterms

“The US Society remains divided.”

Those are the words of UNBC Political Science Lecturer Jason Morris as the Midterm Elections south of the border continue to take shape.

Morris told Vista Radio the divided nature among the majority of all the states is nothing new.

“I would add also content sometimes when things are unsettled in a historical way how the US likes to have a lot of cheques and balances that prevent governments from having a free-for-all to do what they wish.”

“We look to campaign techniques, funding, and spending, we look to social media and we look to the role of the media, not in maliciously propagating division but better articulating what is out there among people. That being said, for the most part among all these elections that are going on – particular candidates for any position can be the victor, which makes it seem divisive but in fact, there was still a great amount of support, a great number of votes for the other side, which belies the opinion that the process is completely divisive.”

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Morris added it’s important for Canadians to not totally lean one way or the other until all the smoke has cleared.

“Canadians will have to wait and see how things ultimately shake out in the legislatures, but if the control of the two houses doesn’t change we might not see too drastic of a policy shift.”

He adds Donald Trump’s path back to the White House in 2024 likely hit a major snag given the strong support shown for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, which could prompt a presidential run.

“Parties in the United States don’t have leaders like Canada does between elections and they compete amongst each other to run for president. It will be fun watching this in the next few years,” added Morris.

Morris is relieved – at least to this point, there is a lot less controversy and venom towards the voting aspect at midterms.

“It should be a refreshing sign that we are not seeing a flare-up of concerns about the election being less than free and fare in terms of voting machines and even corruption. We want to make sure people’s votes count and that they feel later honored as the policy makers then go about and represent the American people.”

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