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Students need to know they’re in good hands: UNBC society

Due to their current financial state, UNBC’s Northern Undergraduate Student Society (NUGSS) has cut their board of directors from 11 positions to eight.

Photo courtesy of UNBC

NUGSS President Arctica Cunningham says students voted “yes” unanimously, which is what she expected in the first place.

“We could be utilizing volunteers more effectively, which would help to reduce the workload. When we’re looking at what is absolutely necessary, we decided that it would be manageable to maintain the same level of service that we’re providing to students.”

Cunningham adds students in attendance voted “No” to the implementation of an advisory board, which would’ve overseen the society’s finances and operations until the next election.

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She says it was nice to see UNBC get involved with her co-workers.

“I think where we go from here is more engagement sessions, more open conversations, gathering ideas and feedback from as many students as possible, and working to figure out exactly what the expectation is.”

Students voted on these issues in a general meeting earlier this week.

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