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UNBC society hoping to quench the Thirsty Moose in general meeting

UNBC’s student pub hasn’t had much financial attention since it opened six years ago.

As a result, the school’s Northern Undergraduate Student Society (NUGSS) is holding a public general meeting to discuss possible increases in student fees towards the Thirsty Moose.

Photo courtesy of UNBC

NUGSS President Arctica Cunningham says it’s important for students to voice their opinion on their school finances as well as their campus life.

“The items that we bring forward are something that every student has a say over. They can provide their comments, they can ask their questions, and at the end of it, they get to have a vote on what we do. So it’s an exciting meeting for our students.”

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A referendum is scheduled to be put forward during the meeting to increase the society fee by $6.50 and Cunningham says this suggestion has been brought forward by public reaction.

“We’ve actually had many students come to us and say, ‘If we can’t afford it, why don’t you just charge us a bit more money so that we can cover the costs?’ They see it as a priority for the society to maintain our operation of the pub because it is really important to our campus culture.”

She says however if students find this increase to be unfair, the society will potentially look to shut down the restaurant.

Despite this possible outcome, Cunningham is proud of the society’s progress.

“We’re building a four-year plan to pass on to the next board so they can see the decisions we’ve been making this year and that long-term thinking that we have for where the society should be moving and how we should be managing our funding.”

The meeting will take place in the NUSC Event Space, Wednesday morning at 11AM.

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