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Firesmart BC gives tips on how to protect your property

According to the BC Wildfire Service there have been 146 wildfires recorded for this season so far.

Kelsey Winter is the Firesmart Program Lead for the BC Wildfire Service, and said there are some simple steps people can take to raise the chances of your home surviving wildfires.

“So that 1.5 metres around the outside of your home is a huge difference maker in terms of ember accumulation. So if you can just start by cleaning out that area right around the perimeter of your home, that’s going to make a huge difference in wildfire season.”

“If there’s things at your feet, if there’s old furniture, or children’s toys, or firewood, or combustible vegetation, remove it,” added Winter.

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She added that limiting the likelihood of embers getting near your home raises its survivability.

Winter said there were also steps people could take while gardening this year.

“So the majority of garden centres across British Columbia, you can now go in and plants will be identified as fire resistant or not.”

She said regardless of where you live in BC, the Firesmart BC website has guides on how you can better protect your home.

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