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Moms Stop the Harm sees more work ahead on drug decriminalization

“We need safe supply. Dead people can’t recover, dead people can’t access mental health supports, or these recovery beds that keep rolling out here in BC that we keep hearing about.”

That’s from Moms Stop the Harm Co-founder, Leslie Mcbain, who said the recent the recent decriminalization of drug use in BC is a positive step, but noted that more still needs to be done.

Moms Stop the Harm is an advocacy group comprised of families who have been affected by substance use related harm and death.

“We’ve fought for decriminalization for years now, so I am very happy that has happened. That’s the good news, the less than good news is the way it was rolled out.”

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Mcbain said that the carrying limit of 2.5 grams was too small for someone who is dependent on illicit drugs.

“I sort of ask the sky who is making these decisions, who made the decision on 2.5? It certainly wasn’t people who use drugs.”

She added that they’ve spoken with people who use drugs, and have been advocating for 4.5 grams over the past few months, noting that number is still low.

Mcbain said she was approached by the Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions, and she was told that this decriminalization will be looked at closely throughout the next three years.

She added that it’s unlikely that things will change back to the way they were once 2026 comes around.

“If at the end of three years, I think it would be very difficult for the Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions to claw it back. They just wouldn’t do it. It would be ugly.”

Mcbain said decriminalization will destigmatize drug use in BC, and will help people who use drugs to get the help they need.

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