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WL McLeod Elementary students making videos for Pink Shirt Day

A Vanderhoof school will be hitting the streets on February 22nd in honour of Pink Shirt Day.

WL McLeod Elementary students are also making videos to voice their concerns over bullying in schools and depicting what a world would be like without bullies.

Staff member Kim Worthington says while the agenda isn’t as big as it was in 2016, students will be performing the mannequin challenge on a grander scale.

“The students will be out on the playground and in the classrooms and in the gym and computer lab; just in various places throughout the school and showing what bullying looks like, and in others, how it would look without bullying showing more kindness and caring.”

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Worthington says the videos will only be viewed by the students of WL McLeod and their parents instead of the public.

She adds the task of organizing has been much easier than it was with last year’s flash mob.

“People are so excited! We did a practice run on Friday last week and we were all really pumped to do it.”

She also ensures on the day of the march, they won’t be causing any traffic delays as they’ll only be using the sidewalks on Burrard, Stewart, and Bute.

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