BC NDP leader John Horgan tackled the issue of climate action in Vancouver on Thursday.

Horgan plans to bring in Ottawa’s carbon pricing on a more gradual basis starting in 2020.

Instead of hitting people with a one-time shot of 50 dollars right off the bat, the New Democrats would begin with a six dollars increase in year one followed by seven dollar hikes in years two and three.

Horgan also delivered a new climate action rebate plan to assist more families.

“We’ll ensure that 80% of BC families will have more money in their pockets rather than less when the new increases start in 2020, on the BC Liberal plan you’d be going in the opposite direction.”

Currently, less than 40 percent of people currently get rebates, but under his plan, that number would double to 80%

Horgan adds the party would measure reductions to make sure legislative targets are being met so carbon emissions drop.