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HomeNewsElaborate telephone scam occurring in Vanderhoof

Elaborate telephone scam occurring in Vanderhoof

Police in Vanderhoof RCMP have brought an ongoing telephone scam to light where people are being told there is a package(s) for them, however, money is owed to claim the parcel.

Residents are asked to purchase things like Google Play or iTunes gift cards and to provide the serial numbers of these cards and then the parcel will be shipped to them.

“If you should receive a telephone call like this, simply hang up, said Sgt Kyle Ushock, NCO I/c Vanderhoof RCMP. You can also block the number, preventing that number from calling you. Under no circumstances should you comply with the request. Legitimate companies do not ask for or accept these types of payments for shipments of items.”

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre collects information on fraud and identity theft. If any believes they are a victim of fraud, a report should be filed as soon as possible.

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