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Engage Sport North seeking north’s next Olympian

Engage Sport North and the Canadian Olympic Committee are looking for the north’s best athletes to possibly represent our country.

There will be a regional qualifier Saturday, January 21st, which will test local athletes’ abilities through four tests. These will measure power through a vertical jump, speed through a 40 m sprint, strength through a mid-thigh pull, and endurance in a beep test. The goal is to unveil any Olympic podium potential, not necessarily current skill level. Top athletes will be invited to a regional final in Vancouver.

High-Performance Manager Dave Adolph invites all athletes to come out. He asks you come prepared and with an open mind.

“A lot of the great performers of these sports including bobsled, have peaked later in life and from other sports. We know that there are some hidden stars waiting to be found and the sooner they’re identified, the sooner they can transfer that talent and maximize their potential.”

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Curt Harnett, a three-time Olympic medallist, said this event “offers a tremendous opportunity for young athletes to open their minds to a sport they may not have considered,” in a written statement. “Growing up I was focused on a hockey career, and was lucky enough to have a high school coach who introduced me to cycling. Just a few years later, I was standing on the Olympic podium with a silver medal around my neck and grateful to my coach for seeing my potential.”

You can sign up for the free event will be at the Northern Sport Centre in Prince George for athletes aged 14-25.

This is a part of 24 Canada-wide qualifiers in BC, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes.

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