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Canada’s inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast

Canada’s inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women launched four months ago. But what has the commission been doing since then?

This week, the Native Women’s Association of Canada issued a report card for the inquiry.
Out of 15 categories that make up the report card, the association says five lack commitment and need work. The other 10 could not be assessed due to lack of information.

Mary Teegee, Executive Director of Carrier Sekani Child and Family Services, says she’s heard very little about what the commission is doing.

“There really wasn’t anything formal that came out to say, ‘This is what we’re going to do. This is when we’re going to start it.’ I think, given that we are the northern representative – The Highway of Tears Initiative – we assisted with the pre-inquiry sessions – you would think that they would think, ‘Maybe we should notify them to let them be aware of what’s coming up.’”

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Teegee says she’s heard the inquiry is hiring and has put out a call for support workers to assist families during the process but that’s about it.

The commission’s interim report is due on November 1 of this year. Teegee worries any recommendations by the commission will be treated like many that have come before.

“I’m fearful that another report will be compiled and nothing really will happen with those action items. The recommendations wouldn’t be implemented. I think, if you look back at the Highway of Tears Recommendations Report, for example, there’s not been a lot of action taken.”

But Teegee says she’s holding onto hope that things will be different this time but something needs to change.

“I definitely think that there could be more information provided – easy, accessible information – provided to the families and, I think, to the general population. I don’t know if there’s a list of the communities they’re going to be visiting and what that’s going to look like. There definitely needs to be some more work done.”

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