Vanderhoof Mayor Gerry Thiessen reminds residents to exercise caution while near the Nechako River.

Thiessen added the river seems to be staying close to full banks, noting a few of the trails are flooded.

However, he did shed some positive light on the situation.

“It does not appear that we should have a flooding problem. Again, that is contingent on not a lot of hot water and not a lot of rain in the reservoir area.”

“The River Forecast Centre has scheduled us for about 500 cubic meters per second, not a for sure but that certainly is in the forecast (on Friday).”

Residents along the Nechako Valley are being encouraged to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Thiessen believes there is a strong appetite to get back to normal.

“We know that in our area there is a real desire to get back to sports, especially indoor sports like hockey and basketball.”

However, when it comes to the resumption of religious services, that’s still up in the air.

“We are told that it is going to be contingent on where we are with vaccinations and things like that so I really encourage you to go out and get your vaccination along with your second dose.”

Thiessen noted there is a lot of construction taking place in areas such as the airport, Burrard Street, Victoria Street along with smaller projects at the Fire Hall and Riverside Park.