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Log truck operators granted $650,000 for better training

Truck driving students of the O’Brien Training School are seeing a smoother road ahead to their careers.

The BC government has awarded a $650,000 grant to the organization that will provide more education and training for future road warriors.

O’Brien General Manager Dardo Krueger says right now the average age of a truck driver is over 60 years old.

“The provincial government feels that there’s going to be thousands of log trucker operators needed in the near future, so there’s a definite need for them and there are people that want to fill that need; they just need to be trained.”

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Krueger says among the students at his school include members of the Metis and First Nations communities, as well as women and youth under the age of 30.

Tyler Scully (pictured far right) is going to be starting the program next year and says he’s going to be a third generational truck driver.

“My grandfather and my father are log truck drivers; my grandfather owns a couple of trucks as well. It’s kind of in the family.”

He says he wants seek a career in log truck operating and adds he’s thankful for the government’s generosity.

“Just excited to get ready; it’s a great program and I really hope it evolves so a lot more people can be a part of it.”

MLAs Shirley Bond and Mike Morris were on hand to present the funding.

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