The Four Rivers has donated $10,000 donation from the Co-op’s Community Support Fund to help Fort St. James Search and Rescue purchase a new piece of equipment.

As a result, a snowbulance was purchased to ensure patients are rescued and transported to a fully enclosed space to protect them from the elements and help guarantee a quicker removal.

“Towing this behind our snowmobile or ATV will allow us to quickly transport a subject from the backcountry while keeping them, and our First Aid attendant, out of the elements. This can also be used to transport a large amount of gear and equipment with ease, keeping our off-road vehicles available for personnel,” said Daniel Braun, Vice President of the Fort St. James Search and Rescue Society.

“We have been researching this piece of rescue equipment for some time, but never had the funding available to purchase one. This donation allowed us to upgrade our subject transport needs and will be part of our medical response equipment that can be used year-round.”

The company’s Community Support Fund supports a diverse group of organizations including seniors and youth groups, community organizations, and social programs.

Fort St. James Search and Rescue are one of 15 organizations to receive funding from the program last year.