From flash mobs to books, students and staff at WL McLeod Elementary School in Vanderhoof put their best foot forward on Pink Shirt Day.

This year was no exception, as the school created a music video after making contact with over 40 groups along with the Saik’uz (Psych-uz) First Nation.

Principal, Libby Hart explained why they picked the song “We are all in this together”.

“Reaching out with one voice, everyone is special in their own way – all the words are so perfect for Pink Shirt Day and for the fact we are all going through this pandemic together and we need to even kinder and more caring.”

“This is really not just about our school, it’s about the Vanderhoof community and Saik’uz, and this year, as we are talking about kindness, caring, inclusion, and celebrating differences it’s unique because we are all in this together because of COVID.”

Because of this philosophy, Hart is of the opinion this more than just a one-day-a-year thing.

“I like to think we are noticing a difference (less bullying in schools) because we spend a lot of time on it. Also, we spend a lot of time on are we being unkind or is it bullying behavior and that is one of the reasons at our school we don’t talk about the anti-bullying day, we talk about kindness, caring, and including. This way we talk about the kind of behaviors we want to see.”