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Burns Lake boy raises over $3700 to Prince George Hospice Society

A 10 year-old Burns Lake boy has donated over $3700 to the Prince George Hospice Society.

On Tuesday (Feb 1), to mark the one year anniversary of the passing of his Great Aunt Roberta Alec also known as Mamma Robbie, Dalton West donated $3,760.

After his great Aunt’s passing, Dalton grew his hair for one year as a part of the Carrier tradition to mark the loss of a loved one.

According to Dalton’s mom Kerry Alec the fundraiser was a way to say thank you to the PG Hospice Society.

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The hospice society praised the family for the donation in a Facebook post earlier this week.

“We’re feeling very appreciative, grateful. They do a lot for the families, so it’s nice to give back for all they’ve done for our two big families,” Alec said.

She added that Mamma Robbie was a Teacher’s Assistant at Morris Williams Elementary (Lake Babine Nation School) and taught the students cultural traditions.

“The impact she left on all of the students it’s imprinted,” Alec said.

Dalton told Vista Radio his original goal was $1000.

“We’re just beyond proud, very appreciative for all the love Dalton received in his donations. There were 36 people who helped him in donations to exceed his goal,” Alec said.

According to the Prince George Hospice Society Executive Director Donna Flood, she was not expecting the donation.

She said they received a call the morning of the anniversary of his Great Aunt’s death.

“He came prepared, he had a speech written, he was just so gracious, thankful and confident. He’s just a really remarkable little boy,” she said.

Flood added as of right now the money will be going in their general revenue but she will be speaking with Dalton about what he wants the money to go towards.

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