School District 91 named Nadine Frenkel as Board Chair for the second consecutive year by acclamation.

She has been a trustee in Vanderhoof since 2014 and provided this comment in a news release.

“2020 has been an extraordinary year and I would like to thank the entire staff at School District 91 who have gone above and beyond in transitioning from a school system in the traditional sense, to providing creative solutions for our learners. I appreciate being able to continue the work as Board Chair, and along with the other Trustees, as we plan to carry on supporting our students and staff through these unparalleled times.”

Dave Christie remains as Vice-Chair and has been a trustee in Fraser Lake since 2018.

“Honoured to work alongside our Board Chair, Nadine and other trustees and staff as we continue to address the challenges presented by the pandemic. We all are focusing on student success and safety as we move forward this school year.”

Committee selections for 2021 include:

• BCSTA (British Columbia School Trustees Association) Provincial Council: Trustee Frenkel (Alternate: Trustee Christie)
• Aboriginal Education Council: Trustee Peterson, Trustee John (Alternate: Trustee Pooley) • BCPSEA (British Columbia Public School Employers Association): Trustee Christie (Alternate: Trustee Davis) • BCSTA – Northern Interior Branch (NIB): Trustee Davis
• Employee Family Assistance Program (EFAP): Trustee Hazelton
• District Parent Advisory Committee (DPAC): Trustee Pooley