Highway 97 and the Pine Pass can’t seem to catch a break from old man winter.

After being placed under a snowfall warning yesterday, the area is now under a winter storm warning where up to 30 centimetres could fall between now and Wednesday.

Environment Canada Meteorologist, Bobby Sekohn spoke with MyNechakoValleyNow.com.

“There will also be some gusty northeasterly winds and so with that, there will be reduced visibility and blowing snow, so certainly some challenging driving conditions.”

Sekohn also explained what makes this area so susceptible to these powerful weather systems during the winter.

“When we do we have these Pacific systems coming through packed with juicy moisture, we have the upslope effect of the Rockies and then the channelling impact of the pass and all of that comes together and create lots of snow in the area.”

“Driving through it earlier this year, I got to experience it first hand and it’s incredible how much snow can pile up through the season.”

In Prince George, a high of plus four is expected today (Tuesday) with two centimetres of snow in the forecast.