Nearly one in five people in both PG ridings that are registered took advantage of advanced voting.

The week-long period to cast an early ballot came to a close yesterday (Wednesday).

Prince George-Mackenzie tallied 6,459 early votes out of the 34,433 registered voters (18.7% turnout)

However, it was slightly higher in Prince George-Valemount where they had 7,152 people advanced ballots cast from the 36,700 residents who were registered to vote (19.4% turnout)

“Usually, the advanced voting period turnout goes into a U-shape so the first day is a big day then the last day turns out to be a big day with the number of voters participating,” said Andrew Watson, Elections BC Spokesperson.

In Nechako Lakes, only 9% of registered voters (1,539 people) marked down an early ballot.

Province-wide, over 681-thousand people voted early in 2020, which equates to 19.5%.

Watson added the number of residents who voted ahead in BC is similar to the previous election in 2017.

“I would describe as relatively the same. The advanced voting period is a bit different this time, we had a seven-day advanced voting period this election as we added an additional day to give voters more opportunity to vote but also give more time with our pandemic response.”

Here are daily voter counts for each riding:

Prince George-Mackenzie

Thursday, October 15th – 1,046

Friday, October 16th – 740

Saturday, October 17th – 946

Sunday, October 18th – 558

Monday, October 19th – 917

Tuesday, October 20th – 1,028

Wednesday, October 21st – 1,224

Prince George-Valemount

Thursday, October 15th – 1,395

Friday, October 16th – 1,075

Saturday, October 17th – 790

Sunday, October 18th – 641

Monday, October 19th – 795

Tuesday, October 20th – 1,065

Wednesday, October 21st – 1,391

Nechako Lakes

Thursday, October 15th – 424

Friday, October 16th – 297

Saturday, October 17th – 236

Sunday, October 18th – 89

Monday, October 19th – 124

Tuesday, October 20th – 211

Wednesday, October 21st – 158

This year’s General Election is set for Saturday