BC Premier John Horgan expressed his disgust towards some of the racial attacks against minorities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an interview with Vista Radio, Horgan stated the virus itself isn’t biased towards a certain group, making it even more important to stay united.

“Covid-19 doesn’t make a distinction between races, it is a virus, it affects all people regardless of their faith, regardless of their orientation or colour, if anything, we should look to Covid-19 as an example of how we are indeed all in this together.”

Horgan also touched on the Ministry of Health’s investigation into allegations of emergency room doctors and nurses playing a guessing game of the blood alcohol level of Indigenous patients and possibly others in BC.

“There is no space in my world for anti-semitism, there’s no space for racism and to hear that some of our public institutions are making jokes about people’s background is just not acceptable and that’s what systemic racism is all about quite frankly.”

“We are a diverse, dynamic province with people from around the world and rich indigenous cultures that have been here forever. It is our strength and in my world, there is no space for racism and intolerance so I was very disappointed to hear about this particularly when we look at some of the challenges we’ve faced when it comes to anti-Asian racism, for example, connected to Covid-19.”

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