Businesses negatively impacted by the coronavirus can receive up to 20-thousand dollars thanks to an Emergency Loan Program set up by the Community Futures of Fraser-Fort George.

The program offers support to entrepreneurs who have been unable to operate or have remained open at a reduced level for more than five days due to the crisis.

(Photo supplied by Community Futures of Fraser-Fort George)

Community Futures General Manager, Susan Stearns recently spoke with

“During this time, businesses are being faced with closure or lessened hours because of the COVID-19 epidemic that is going around and we certainly know that this impacts their revenue streams and ability to operate.”

“We certainly realize that some businesses have a stronger cash flow than others and for us, it’s about how do we help sustain small businesses in our community.”

Financing is provided in the form of a repayable loan with relaxed terms and interest rates as follows: 

Loan Amount: Maximum up to $20,000 per business based on Business Analyst assessed needs. 

  • Streamlined Application and Approval Process – increasing approval and turnaround time on the loans. 
  • The application will consist of: 

o Completed Application Form – Specific to this loan program o 3 years of financial statements showing at least one year of profitability with 

most recent Corporate T2 or Personal tax filing o Credit Check on the owner(s) and business o Limited security requirements – Personal Guarantees / Co-Borrower and 

General Security Agreement 

  • Waiver of application fee 
  • Maximum Amortization/Term will be for 60 months 
  • A pre-approved interest rate of the Bank of Canada Prime + 2% (currently 2.95%) and will be the fixed interest rate for the term of the loan 
  • No payments for up to first 6 months 
  • Once the first 6 months have passed, the client can choose to pay interest only for the following 12 months 
  • Offer 2 months of skip payments per year 
  • Should greater financial needs be identified, the loan can convert to the usual loan process 
  • No penalties for early payout. 

Eligible Applicants 

Any business that: 

  • Has not been able to operate or has operated at a reduced level for more than 5 days due to the emergency situation. 
  • Businesses must be able to demonstrate a loss or reasonable expectation of reduction of business due to the emergency situation. 

**Businesses include: 

  • for-profit: including sole proprietorships, partnerships, incorporated companies, and ranches/farms 
  • not-for-profit entities: including co-operatives, social enterprises, charitable 

Ineligible Applicants 

  • Any level of Government, including Federal, Provincial, Municipalities, Regional Districts, and First Nations 

A link to an Emergency Loan Application can be found here.