The January labour force survey from Stats Canada wasn’t overly kind to Prince George.

Labour Division Analyst, Vince Ferrao told the unemployment rate in the northern capital continues to trend upward.

“It’s currently at 7.7%, so in January the rate was 7.7% and a year ago it was about 6.0%.”

Ferrao also examined the possibility of the decline in the forestry sector had anything to do with the spike.

“There may have been some sectors who lost employment over this period and others who gained employment over this period, the overall net effect is very little changed.”

As for the number of people working, Ferrao states it’s unchanged from the same time last year.

“We had 45,700 people employed this January compared with 45,800 a year ago and what happened is that more people came into the labour force.”

Prince George’s unemployment rate has gone up two full points since September’s mark of 5.7%.

BC continues to have the lowest jobless mark out of all the provinces at 4.5%, a full point lower than the national rate of 5.5%.

Here is a breakdown of all the provinces:

  • British Columbia 4.5%
  • Quebec and Manitoba 5.1%
  • Ontario 5.2%
  • Saskatchewan 6.0%
  • Alberta 7.3%
  • Nova Scotia 7.4%
  • New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island 7.5%
  • Newfoundland and Labrador 11.9%