Prince George’s unemployment rate grew by a full point in December compared to the same month in 2018.

According to Stats Canada’s Labour Division Survey, the current mark is 6.7%, up from the previous number of 5.8%.

Although the rate went up, Analyst Vince Ferrao told the northern capital saw more people employed.

“We have 47,200 people working and that compares with 45,400 a year ago so it’s slightly up by about 18-hundred.”

Ferrao adds the natural resource sector didn’t see the sharp decline that everyone expected.

“We had 3,800 people working in natural resources this December compared to 4,600 a year ago.”

The influx of people entering the workforce was the main reason why the unemployment rate went up.

BC has the lowest jobless rate among all the provinces at 4.8%.

In Canada, the unemployment rate to cap off 2019 was 5.6%.

Here is a breakdown of all the provinces:

  • British Columbia 4.8%
  • Manitoba 5.0%
  • Ontario 5.3%
  • Quebec 5.3%
  • Saskatchewan 5.7%
  • Alberta 7.0%
  • New Brunswick 7.5%
  • Prince Edward Island 7.9%
  • Nova Scotia 7.9%
  • Newfoundland and Labrador 11.8%

A full link to the report can be found here.