Old man winter is coming back with a vengeance bringing frigid and snowy conditions to the Vanderhoof area over the next week.

The Nechako Valley along with Highway 97 and the Pine Pass are both under snowfall warnings.

Environment Canada Meteorologist, Gregg Walters outlines what we can expect for today (Friday).

“The snow is going to be heavy at times, we’re still looking at ten centimeters with the winds not being too bad, possibly getting up to about 15 kilometers an hour. With the high only reaching about minus seven will be probably getting down to about minus seventeen so it will be a little nippy out there.”

Walters adds this will be the coldest part of the winter thus far.

“It looks pretty certain this will last until about Thursday. The rest of the week after that might see the pattern break up a little bit in the long-range but it certainly looks like a solid four or five days of pretty cold weather.”

“It’s going to be quite cold. Looking at overnight lows dropping down to around -30 to -34 from Saturday night into Sunday night reaching around minus twenty-eight during the day, so certainly the coldest part of the winter up to this point.”

Daytime highs will only reach minus twenty-eight some days with the overnight low getting as cold as minus thirty-eight.