As School District 91’s current Strategic Plan (2017 – 2019) comes to a conclusion, our current Board of education is pleased to release it’s Strategic Plan 2020 – 2025 graphic to the public.

Over the last six months, School District 91’s Board of Education has worked with district staff and representatives from partner groups to consider the current plan and plan for the work ahead over the next five years. Partners who contributed to the new plan include:

• SD 91 Student Voice
• Principals’ and Vice Principals’ Association
• Burns Lake Nechako Teachers Union
• Canadian Union Public Employees
• District Parent Advisory Council
• First Nations Education Council

Dr. Dustin Louie, an LDSS graduate who is now a professor at the University of Calgary’s Education Department, facilitated the Board of Education’s summer planning session. We want to thank Dr. Louie for sharing his research, knowledge, and experience.

Since late summer, the Board of Education has refined the working document and is now pleased to release the 2020 – 2025 Strategic Plan graphic. The Board continues to focus on the core skills of Literacy, Numeracy and Social-Emotional Learning from their former plan while adding the goals of:

• Honouring Diversity
• Engaging their Workforce and;
• Enhancing Connections

Current Framework

The Board wants to emphasize our articulated Mission and Vision, while also clearly identifying the four goals that will be our work from 2020 – 2025.
Given that the work of each of our schools is to operate within the unique contexts of their communities, the Board wanted to recognize on the visual that our combined histories are ineradicably linked to the land and people.

Our current organizational values are captured through the keywords of Excellence, Innovation, and Community which are captured at the bottom right of the graphic.
Trustees are broadly sharing the plan and are speaking to community groups as invited.