After 3 1/2 weeks, classes are resuming at UNBC today (Monday).

This comes on the heels of  Friday’s announcement that the UNBC Faculty Association was dissolving picket lines to complete the fall semester before the start of the new year.

However, the FA has filed a complaint with the Labour Relations Board asking for a ruling that the employer has negotiated in bad faith.

A special meeting of Senate is scheduled for later today 3:30 pm to discuss the omission of a final exam period and alternative methods of student evaluation.

Despite all of this, UNBC President Daniel Weeks is pleased with the latest developments.

“This will allow our staff and our CUPE people to resume their regular duties, I’m grateful to the FA for taking this action.”

Weeks hopes this is the first step in getting a new deal.

“I’ve really come to appreciate just how frustrated they are and I understand that I just hope this cooling off and getting back to class keeps us committed to staying on the ball for a negotiated settlement.”

He also agrees that the wages for the faculty staff should be higher.
“There compensation has been far too low and not in alignment with comparative universities that they would look at as being on the same level, that has been an absolute fact and has been the case for far too long.”

The Special mediator has indicated he will be in touch with both sides in the coming days.