The special mediator has adjourned the process with the bargaining teams as the strike involving UNBC and the Faculty Association continues.

Both parties were involved in extensive bargaining periods that began on Wednesday afternoon and wrapped up last night (Thursday).

UNBC Spokesperson, Matt Wood told a lot of people are reaching their tipping point.

“We remain committed to reaching an agreement, we are fully aware of the stresses that it has caused our students first and foremost and of course, the stress it is placing on the employees of UNBC as well so we’re really looking forward to getting an agreement here.”

The special mediator has indicated he will be in touch with the parties over the next few days to discuss options moving forward.

“We’re not completely sure of all the options that the special mediator would have at its disposal but we do know there has been mention that he could make a recommendation in terms of a settlement but again, we are going to wait to hear from the mediator.”

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