The BC RCMP is in a bit of a financial hole and is acting quickly to cut spending.

The policing body is forecasting a deficit of 10.7 million dollars.

The cuts are expected to affect the budget that pays for officers located in smaller and rural detachments, many of which are located in Northern BC including Burns Lake, Fraser Lake, Vanderhoof, and Smithers.

RCMP Spokesperson, Dawn Roberts explained to Vista Radio where they could limit their spending.

“That would include looking at everything from out of province travel or even expenses related to non-mandatory courses or workshops if we do have a vacancy in one of our smaller or rural detachments we’re going to make sure we look at and determine whether it should be prioritized or filled.”

“I’m hopeful, given the important role that we play here in British Columbia, the average citizen wouldn’t notice a difference in how we deliver police services in Northern British Columbia.”

Simply put, the way the police agency was going in terms of its spending, wasn’t sustainable.

“Currently, we are projecting a 10.7 million  dollar deficit and so, it’s not as if we have made a cut it’s just that if we continue to spend at the rate we are spending right now, we are going to exceed the funds or the budget that’s allotted to us.”