There’s going to be a chill in the air the next few days in Vanderhoof as temperatures are expected to drop.

Overnight lows could reach minus eight by tomorrow night and minus four by Wednesday evening, possibly leading to dicey road conditions during the morning commute.

Environment Canada Meteorologist, Alyssa Charbonneau recently spoke with

“Especially tonight when we’re looking at the roads being a little wet with a chance of rain showers changing to flurries and then it will be freezing but we do expect it will get up to plus two tomorrow so we could see some melting if we get a little bit more sun.”

“As that cold air mass sits over us for the next few days we will see things start to moderate around Thursday and Friday with daytime highs creeping back up along with overnight lows with near-normal temperatures of ten or eleven degrees and a low of zero or minus one.”

A high of plus nine is being predicted today (Monday) with a 60% chance of showers.

The Thanksgiving Day long weekend should be a bit warmer with sunny skies and daytime highs in the double digits.