A warm weekend is in store for Vanderhoof as temperatures could get up to 14 degrees by Sunday.

The next two days should be dominated by sunny skies but the conditions are expected to swing down into the single digits by next week with overnight low possibly getting as cool as minus seven or minus nine.

Environment Canada Meteorologist, Bobby Sekohn told MyNechakoValleyNow.com this could lead to the northern capital’s first freeze-thaw cycle.

“It could be that way, especially if we get some showers Monday and some freezing temperatures on Monday night as we could see some freezing on the road so this time of year we encourage everyone to look out for any sort of black ice that might form on the roads at night.”

“Behind the cold front on Tuesday, we will see sunny skies and just five degrees as the high. Definitely a shift in the weather coming with that cold front early next week although this weekend looks fairly nice with near-normal temperatures.”

He adds the conditions could be more challenging if we end up seeing some rain on Monday coupled with freezing temperatures during the evening, which could lead to black ice on the roads.