Packing an umbrella wasn’t a bad idea during August in Vanderhoof as it was certainly wetter than normal according to Environment Canada.

Meteorologist, Bobby Sekohn recently spoke with

“It was 14.8 degrees celsius and the normal is around 15 degrees, in terms of precipitation the amount we saw was 66.3 millimeters and the normal is 51.5 millimeters.”

He adds it doesn’t rank that high as it is only the 28th wettest August on record in Prince George.

However, Sekohn believes it is somewhat important based on how dry it has been the last few years.

Sekohn also gave a brief overview of what we can anticipate heading into the fall.

“What our seasonal models are showing is a warmer than normal fall, so that’s one thing to go off of and we know the Eastern Pacific waters are warmer than normal as well so that could factor in.”

The weekly forecast for the Prince George area consists of mostly sunny skies with temperatures ranging from 21 to 25 degrees celsius.